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Renault Captur 2017 Replacement 4 Button Remote Key Card

Renault Captur 2017 Replacement 4 Button Remote Key Card, RENAULT 4 - Button Clio Captur: Spare Key 2 Unit Original, image
2017 Replacement 4 Button Remote
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Renault Captur Replacement 4 Button Remote Key Card

We provide an unbeatable service for Renault car key replacement.

If you have lost your Renault key or card in the UK or nearby counties we can solve your problem and have you

back in your car within less than 15 minutes of arriving at your car.

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Optional Rapid Service for Lost Renault Keys and Key Cards

We can help if you have misplaced your only Renault key or Renault key card. Our service is 100% mobile and 100% hassle free.

Working from dedicated vans that are set up as mobile workshops we come out directly to Renault Captur Replacement 4 Button Remote Key Card.

We have a great relationship with Renault main dealers and can obtain the unique key blade number to cut your key in advance.

On arrival all thats left to do is program the key. For most models made after 2001 this is completed within a matter of minutes.

We use the latest software and locksmith tools to cut and program your Renault key and guarantee their will be no damage to your car.

We Can Solve All keys Lost issues and guarantee their will be no damage to your car.

The number to call is 0330 2233446

Call now and speak to our Renault auto locksmith experts.

Remote control RENAULT card

When you get into the vehicle, insert the RENAULT card integrated key, pointing towards you, fully into the card reader 2.

To start, press button 1. If a gear is engaged, depress the clutch pedal to start the vehicle.

Hands-free RENAULT card

The RENAULT card must be inserted in card reader 2 or in detection zone 3.

To start, depress the brake or clutch pedal and press button 1. If a gear is engaged, the vehicle may only be started by depressing the clutch pedal.


vehicles with an automatic gearbox

The lever should be in position P.

For all vehicles:

- if one of the starting conditions is not met the message “Press brake + START”, “Press clutch + START” or “Gear lever to P” is displayed on the instrument panel.

- In some cases it will be necessary to move the steering wheel while pressing start button 1to assist in unlocking the steering column; a message on the instrument panel “Turn steering wheel + START” warns of this.

Special note: if starting the engine when the outdoor temperature is very low (below - 10 ° C): hold down the clutch pedal until the engine starts.

Starting with the tailgate open (in hands-free mode)

In this case, the RENAULT card must not be located in the luggage compartment.

Accessories function

(switching on the ignition)

Once you have gained access to your vehicle, you may use some of its functions (radio, navigation, wipers, etc.).

For other functions:

- vehicles with remote control RENAULT card, insert the card into reader 2;

- vehicles with a RENAULT “hands-free” card, with the card in the passenger compartment or inserted in the card reader 2, press button 1 without depressing the pedals.

Note: depending on the vehicle, pressing button 1 starts the engine.

Operating faults

In certain cases, the hands-free RENAULT card may not work:

- when the RENAULT card battery is drained, flat battery, etc.

- near to appliances operating on the same frequency as the card (monitor, mobile phone, video game, etc.);

- vehicle located in a high electromagnetic radiation zone.

The message “PLEASE INSERT KEYCARD” appears on the instrument panel.

Insert the RENAULT card fully into card reader 2.

Conditions for stopping the engine

The vehicle must stationary, with the lever positioned in N or P for vehicles with an automatic transmission.

Remote control RENAULT card

With the card in reader 2, press button 1: the engine will stop. Removing the card from the reader locks the steering column.

Special note

If the card is no longer in the reader when you try to switch the engine off, the message “No keycard Press and hold” appears on the instrument panel: press button 1 for longer than two seconds.

Hands-free RENAULT card

With the card in the vehicle, press button 1: the engine will stop. The steering column is locked when the driver’s door is opened or the vehicle is locked.

If the card is no longer in the passenger compartment when you try to switch the engine off, the message “No keycard Press and hold” appears on the instrument panel: press button 1 for longer than two seconds.

With the engine switched off, any accessories being used (radio, etc.) will continue to function for approximately 10 minutes.

When the driver’s door is opened, the accessories stop working.

Never leave your vehicle with the RENAULT card in the reader or in the passenger compartment while there is a child (or an animal) in the vehicle, even for a short while.

They may pose a risk to themselves or to others by starting the engine.

Risk of serious injury.

When you leave your vehicle, especially if you have your RENAULT card with you, check that the engine is completely switched off.

Never leave your vehicle with the RENAULT card inside and never leave a child (or a pet) unsupervised, even for a short while.

There is a risk that they could start the engine or operate electrical equipment (electric windows etc.) and trap part of their body (neck, arms, hands, etc.).

Risk of serious injury.

Never switch off the ignition before the vehicle has stopped completely. Once the engine has stopped, the brake servo, power-assisted steering, etc. and the passive safety devices such as air bags and pretensioners will no longer operate.

Supported Vehicles

Supported Vehicles:
  • Captur

Year of Car Registration

Year of Car :
  • 2017
  • 67

Type of Keycard Functions

Battery: Used:
  • CR2032
Button Functions on Keycard Supported:
  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • Boot
  • Headlight

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