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Vehicle Diagnostics for Renault

The OlivesTon Vehicle Diagnostics for Renault is a very competent diagnostic tool aimed at professionals looking for a multipurpose tool completes all their needs in one place.
All OlivesTon diagnostic software applications provide an unmatched, dealer level diagnostics, previously available to the OEM services only.

The "Standard diagnostic functions" of the software include three separate diagnostic protocols (K-line, CAN and UDS). This provides all the versatility that you may need from a tool. Using these three protocols allows you to work on almost all the cars produced by Renault due to the fact that the manufacturer often combines various modules using different communication protocols in one vehicle.
The standard diagnostic functions of the software include:

  • Identifying all the modules available in a vehicle is something very important while preforming diagnostics. This is why we have fully automated and detailed module identification incorporated
  • Reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Actual values are also a part of the standard diagnostics, they allow you to monitor various parameters from the vehicle's sensors hence aiding a more accurate diagnostic procedure
  • Actuator testing is another helpful feature included here due to the fact that the vehicle's actuators can be tested separately in order to determine the source of an issue
  • Graphic Details
  • Configuration and testing from the production line - here the OlivesTon Diagnostic Software also provides the ability to perform these tests

The true power of the OlivesTon Diagnostics for Renault, however, is demonstrated when the software reaches the advanced levels of diagnostics. Where standard diagnostic software
is not enough the OlivesTon Diagnostics for Renault demonstrates its special functions.Some of the main features of the special functions include:

  • PIN code reading and key learning functionality - This functionality was created with the automotive locksmith in mind, It stands out ahead of its competition with its ease of usage and speed making even the most time costly task achievable.
  • Reading and Mileage calibration with the added option to disable the synchronisation between the cluster and the ABS module - Ideal for replacing components containing the vehicle mileage. Once you replace the faulty mileage containing module you can set the value to the car's actual mileage with no more than a few clicks. Incrementing and decrementing
  • Car ID replacement for various modules. Again when replacing a faulty module with a used one of the same car you will need to adapt the module ID to the car in order to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and this is where this function of the OlivesTon Diagnostics for Renault will be very useful.
  • Airbag memory manager - Allows the user to manage the stored data in the airbag and some of the Airbag modules, available in the Renault vehicles. Ideal for an automotive shop, specializing in accident damage repairs.