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Renault Clio 2015 Replacement 4 Button Remote Key Card

Renault Clio 2015 Replacement 4 Button Remote Key Card, RENAULT 4 - Button Clio Captur: Spare Key 2 Unit Original, image
Renault Clio IV 2015 Replacement

Renault Clio 2015 Replacement 4 Button Remote Key Card

We provide an unbeatable service for Renault Clio car key replacements and spares.

If you have lost your Renault key or card in the UK we can solve your problem and have you

Our Renault key service is is FAST and very competitively priced.

Our service for Renault keys and card is guaranteed to not only save you time and a trip to the dealer as we bring our services to your door.

Optional Rapid Service for Lost Renault Keys and Key Cards

We can help if you have misplaced your only Renault key or Renault key card. Our service is 100% mobile and 100% hassle free.

Working from dedicated vans that are set up as mobile workshops we come out directly to your location to make a replacement key.

We have a great relationship with Renault main dealers and can obtain the unique key blade number to cut your key in advance.

On arrival all thats left to do is program the key. For most models made after 2001 this is completed within a matter of minutes.

We use the latest software and locksmith tools program your Renault key and guarantee their will be no damage to your car.

We Can Solve All keys Lost issues and guarantee their will be no damage to your car.

0330 2233446

Call now and speak to our Renault auto locksmith team.

Supported Vehicles

Supported Vehicles:
  • Clio IV

Year of Car Registration

Year of Car :
  • 2015
  • 65

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We cover the whole of England and Wales and Scotland

Video Testimonial

Is your Key card not detected? Is there a Replace Battery message on your car?

Renault Key Cards replacement for Renault Megane,Renault Scenic, Renault Laguna,

Renault Espace, Renault Clio Is the Lock/unlock not working?

These are early signs that the key card is damaged and will very soon stop working completely!

Even if you have lost your key card we can gain entry and reprogram a brand new key card without any damage to the car, We are reliable, friendly, and competitively priced, which we believe makes us excellent value for money.

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Bristol – Newcastle –Sunderland – Wolverhampton,Renault Laguna Key Card,Renault Espace, Renault Keycard London,Megane keycard Birmingham,Scenic Keycard Glasgow, Laguna keycard

Who are

We are an Independant Locksmith Company Called Oliveston that offers a road side Assistance service for Non Functional Renault Key Cards. We can come to you to solve keycard related problems and save you time and money and alot of hassle. You can call us anytime for immediate assistance or free advice or quote on 0330 2233446

Is it Possible to Program a Used keycard again on another car ?

All keycards have a Transponder chip and these are known as One Time Programmable OTP.Once programmed the chip is locked and can only be programmed to the same car it came from and not on other cars.

Why is my Renault key card not lock or unlock my car?

The Remote control part in the remote control relies on a battery to send a signal. 1 First remove and insert the existing battery. 2 Try to replace the battery 3 When pressing the button at same time squeeze the area on the outside of the plastic where the battery goes in. If all this does not get your card to open or close then call us on 0330 2233446 for a quote on a replacement card

Why is my Renault key card not starting my car?

Your key card may have been damaged by dropped on the floor to many times or from being squashed in your pocket or handbag. The Transponder chip is soldered on the PCB inside the card and one of the legs can become loose if the card is bent or dropped and the chip itself come loose. The car can start some times and others times will say keycard not detected and will need to replaced.

Why is my Renault dashboard showing Card Not Detected message?

The keycard has the transponder chip with it and get a code from the ECU and needs to send back the authentication code back to start the car and a breakdown in the communication between keycard and ECU can give you this error. This message means that your car's on board Computer can not communicate with the key card and therefore can not detect it. Call us on 0330 2233446 for advice and quote on a new keycard

Can you post me a new key card?

We have Self program kits for some models and can send a DIY programmer and Blank Keycard for self programming. For all other models we need to be inside the car to be able to program a replacement key card. All vehicles since 1995 have a board OBD port located inside the car. We need to plug our cable in this port to be able to program key card or do diagnostics work.

What is an after market key card and Warranty Period ?

Aftermarket key cards are the key cards made and designed for Renault, but produced by companies other than the manufacturer and often allow you to make big saving compared to OEM key cards. Aftermarket card producing companies are in China and Europe We stock cards made in Europe as they have been tested by us and we can offer 3 Months Warranty on non OEM Cards12 Months Warranty on all OEM Original Cards key cards.

Which Renault models do you supply & Program Keycards ?

Renault Megane II Key Card Replacement 2003-2008 Renault Megane III Key Card Replacement 2009-2015 Renault Scenic II Key Card Replacement 2003-2008 Renault Grand Scenic III Key Card Replacement 2009-2015 Renault Grand Scenic II Key Card Replacement 2003-2008 Renault Scenic III Key Card Replacement 2009-2015 Renault Grand Scenic III Key Card Replacement 2009-2015 Renault Laguna II Key Card Replacement 2001-2006 Renault Laguna III Key Card Replacement 2007 – 2015 Renault Clio III Key Card Replacement 2006-2013 Renault Espace IV Key Card Replacement 2001-2011 Renault Grand Espace IV Key Card Replacement 2001-2011 Renault Velsatis Key Card Replacement 2001-2010 Renault Koleos Card Replacement 2008-2014 Renault Fluence Card Replacement 2009-2016 Other models coming soon

Do I need a new key card or a new card reader and can you replace them ?

Yes we can supply and fit a replacement card reader however confirm you get the message below to confirm the card reader is at fault and not your keycard. If your card reader is faulty, your car will display a "electric fault - check card reader" message on the dashboard. If your key card develops a fault the car will display a "card not detected" message on the dashboard.

How long does it take to supply & program a new key card at my location ?

We can do same day supply and program and get you back on the road.

What if I don't have a working key card?

We can unlock your Renault using the emergency lock via passenger side if you have an existing blade cut and proceed to programming a new key card for you within minutes of arrival We will need to see a proof of ownership of the car and we will need to gain access to vehicle.

Can I open my Renault with a keycard that does not open or close via button presses on the key card?

Yes, your key card has a pull out section which reveals an emergency key. The emergency lock is on the front passenger door,. on the rear edge of the handle there is a plastic cover with a key symbol on it. You need to remove it to reveal the lock. then insert the key blade and turn anticlockwise to open and clockwise to lock.

What if my car battery is dead and dashboard is not lighting up now ?

Our team always carry jump leads and are more than happy to power up the battery and program new key cards and start your car and leave it running to charge the cars battery for you.

Do I get any kind of warranty with your key card?

Yes, you will receive a 12 months warranty when buying a new key card from us and can extend to 2 years when order online and choose the extended warranty option. Note for a replacement you would need to travel to us for the warranty but for a small cost we can send an Engineer out to you. With the Extended Warranty option we can send an engineer out to your location within 2 Years without an extra call out fees.

What is an OEM key card?

It is a genuine key card, manufactured by Renault, OEM means Original Equipment Manufactured. These cards are same what the dealer supplies and needs to be ordered for you VIN number from France. We can supply and program the same cards without you having to visit the dealer and having to wait up to 7 Days but we offer SAME DAY SUPPLY & PROGRAMMING

How can I pay you for your services ?

We take cash and card payments online and in person using CHIP and PIN You can book and order online or via Phone on 0330 2233446. You can make a payment once the work is completed.

Do you offer deals on purchasing more than 1 key card?

Yes, you will get a discount if you buy 2 or more key cards from us. Call us for a deal on 0330 2233446

How Does the Warranty Work on the Keycards ?

All keys have a transponder chip in side and this has a special ID number known as the transponder ID. We have a record of this number for every key we supply on file. You can post your keycard back to us and we can check it for any issue and repair and post back to you within 12 months of supplying with your purchase receipt. Note you need to send the card in the post for us examine and we cant send out an engineer to you without extra cost if you need an onsite warranty repair. The cost to send an engineer to repair your card can vary on location and for quote call us.

Do you offer 12 month Warranty on Key Cards ?

With all NEW OEM Key Cards we supply you receive 12 month warranty After Matket cards we offer 3 Month Warranty

You can use Bank Transfer or Pay for good online using Your Credit or debit card

Also we also take cash payment after job completion and also can use your Credit or Debit Card to Pay via Chip & Pin after Job completion

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